Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A very special person...

It was my privilege to meet a very special lady today who has her work cut out for her. Our daughter was welcomed into the world at 12:05 PM, at 3lbs and 13oz (let's say 4lbs), and 16.something inches from stem to stern. She is strong and despite her curtailed gestation screamed so very loudly at her forced evacuation. Once the trauma had subsided Karen was moved to temporary recovery and on to her own room in the maternity ward. Our baby is in the NICU where she will remain for a few weeks attached to more things than a borg, but she's doing great.

Karen hasn't gotten to spend time with her tonight and we haven't had a moment to choose a name, but hopefully we can resolve that in the morning. Just know that we've appreciated all of the thoughts and calls and emails. By tomorrow night Karen should be able to respond and return calls, and she'll probably get to go home Friday or Saturday to critique my vacuuming lethargy. The grandparents are beside themselves or in denial, depending on which phone call you base it on.

Karen is in room 485 in 4 South, at the Swedish Medical Center at First Hill. She has her phone (and charger) but only so many minutes to go around. She still needs some rest, but will enjoy chatting with each of you as she can. Visits will be welcomed, and we can take one person in to NICU at a time.

Swedish Medical Center
747 Broadway
Seattle WA 98122-4307
Main, 206-386-6000

(We'll get our own pic up soon)

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