Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas here was a very quiet affair...well, as quiet as it gets with a manic, tired, cranky and overstimulated 2 year old. We opened gifts with Dan's parents via Skype. I love technology! It was nice to share a special time with them, despite being 2300 miles away.

After breakfast (a yummy strata made by Dan), Kendra was sent to her room to calm down. This was repeated after a plowman's plate lunch of gourmet cheeses, crackers, apples and orange slices. She finally took a nap, and woke up in a much better mood.

Dan and I played the Wii game he gave me - Harry Potter the First 4 Years. It was fun to sit and play a game. It's something we don't get a chance to do very often.

Kendra enjoyed her toys, and it's hard to say what her favorite is. (Here are some Christmas pictures...) She got a fun racetrack for cars, a cleaning cart full of "just like mom" stuff (broom, dustpan, little vacuum), a Cabbage Patch baby, a toddler play cell phone, some sticker books, a Crayola color wonder book and markers, some bathtub crayons and a small bag of M&MS. We didn't want to go too crazy with gifts, and I think we did ok. Dan bought me some nice shoes and a beautiful pair of earrings. I gave him some clothes and a hot pepper grower. We also gave each other the Google Revue and a camcorder.

It was a nice, quiet Christmas. I missed being at my grandma's, but I didn't miss the stress of traveling at the holidays.

The only mar on a great day was Mickey-dog seems to have had a type of doggie stroke. He can't walk, and didn't eat or drink for 36 hours. He finally ate a bit today, and Dan took him out to potty. We'll try for an emergency run to the vet in the morning to see what to do. He is making improvements, but it will come down to a quality of life issue.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Baby Gift

We received our first gift for Gummy Bear last night! Dan's parents sent a box of Christmas gifts, and included an adorable yellow sleep sack for the new baby. They are such sweet and wonderful people.

Sunday I hosted a cookie exchange. It was a success, and we ended up with several dozen deliciously scrumtastic cookies! I parceled them out to freezer bags, and we will now have homemade cookies all through the holiday season that I don't have to make!

Monday we were all down with various ailments. Kendra had an ear infection most of last week, and I figured I'd just let it run it's course or take her to the doctor if it got markedly worse. By Monday she had a 101 fever and was miserable, so off we went. She's on antibiotics now, and feeling 100% better. (As an aside - how cool are the new flavors you can add? She takes her meds with absolutely no complaint. She loves the raspberry flavor!) Dan had what seems to have been some sort of 24 hour stomach bug. He was pretty miserable though, and even stayed home from work. I started feeling bad last night, and today have what is shaping up to be a miserable cold.

Did I mention we leave for Canada on Friday? We are heading to the Vancouver area to celebrate my birthday. Here's hoping we're all feeling better by then!

Friday, December 3, 2010