Saturday, July 12, 2008

Freedom From IVs

Kendra made one more milestone...her IV has been removed. Her only nutrition is now breast milk. They also moved her into a crib yesterday. She's doing great at regulating her body temperature. Such an amazing little girl :)

According to her nurses she is so sweet natured and well behaved - she never cries unless she wants something. She does these adorable smiles as well- maybe they're gas, but I'll take them!

This is movie weekend for Dan. He signed up for the 48 film contest several months ago, of course not knowing we'd have our baby girl by now. We were up early this morning to see her before he got involved in taping. We'll try to make it back tonight as well.

My stitches came out this morning - they were actually Steristrips and not stitches. I can't even see the scar! It's amazing, except for the pain. I don't know if the stitches coming out are the reason, but I am in so much pain today I can barely move. It's worse than it has been in a while. I skipped out on any movie stuff and slept most of the afternoon.

The adorable outfit Kendra is modeling is a gift from my neighbors in St. Louis. It looked so tiny I was sure it would never fit. Surprise, surprise - it's a little big. She looks so adorable in it, though. It's perfect for preemies - open at the bottom for all the wires and tubes to come out (although she's down to a minimum). The way it snaps onto her is wonderful too - it wraps around her instead of going over her head since little heads are awfully wobbly.

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