Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Less and Less

A few weeks ago I joined a private exercise class with a fellow preschool mom.  We had our halfway check, and although I gained a bit of weight, my waist, hip, BMI and body fat percentage were all down.  I wasn't too disappointed with the weight gain either, because I'm still less than I have been since I moved here!

I gave Dan a juicer for his birthday, and I plan on making use of it to get a bit of weight off.  This morning my breakfast was fresh juice and half a bagel.  The juice was a mixture of a granny smith apple, fuji apple, pear, orange, bok choy, spinach and kale.  It was fantastic! I felt fabulous all morning, and may be on to something. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Space Needle Lunch

Today dawned sunny and clear, so I decided it was the perfect day for a special treat - lunch at the top of the Space Needle!  I asked Kendra if she wanted it just us or would she like a friend to go as well.  She wanted her friend Ian to go, so I called his mom and off we all went. 

It started off a bit rocky as Kendra lost her shoe in a giant sploosh of mud, but it was found after a bit of searching (and almost loosing my own shoes!).  A run through the washer and they are good as new.  Kendra was so excited about being there with Ian she didn't even mind the fact that her socks were too soaked to wear.

The kids had a ball and the view was spectacular.  I enjoyed having lunch with Jana and getting to know her better.  What a great day.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

I'm not sure how two months has flown by without me realizing it, but somehow it has.  Without further delay, here is all the news!

Kendra:  We back to preschool on September 13.  She is enrolled three days a week, and loves it.  I kept her in the twos and threes class so she has the opportunity to be the big kid at school.  Our school mixes all the ages on every day but one, and that one is for the younger kids.  It was the right call.  She shows so much empathy and sweetness to the younger kids...it is amazing.  Despite the rotten attitude we see all too often at home, apparently our lessons are sinking in.

Halloween was a total hit this year.   Kendra dressed up as a little cowgirl riding her pink pony, while Darian was the cutest tiger ever.  Dan's office offered trick or treating to the employee's kids, so we headed there first.  We quit after a scant 3 floors (out of 21) when Kendra couldn't carry her candy bucket because it was so full.  She was even given a really cute stuffed dolphin by one employee.  

Darian:  Little Man continues to grow like a weed.  We had his 4 month check-up on October 8.  He weighed in at 14lbs, 15oz (50%) and was 26" long (90%).  He had his second round of shots and seemed to tolerate them very well.  Since Kendra attends a co-op preschool, I work roughly one day a week in the school.  Darian gets to go to preschool with me on those days, and he is a hit.  The kids adore babies, and Darian is so good natured he tolerates everything without much (if any) protest.

We started Darian on solid foods October 26.  Our pediatrician said he was big enough at his 4 month check up that we could start him at any time.  By the end of the October, it was obvious he was completely ready to move into solids.  Between then and now (a scant week!), he's gone from a few bites of rice cereal to downing entire jars of baby food at every sitting.  He loves Gerber Puffs as well, and we generally stuff a few of them in him to keep him happy while we get the rest of the food together.  He still nurses regularly, but the regular feedings of food have made things easier on me.  He absolutely loves food, and squawks loudly if we don't shovel it in fast enough.  Scamp.

Dan:  Dan continues to enjoy his new job.  I like it as well - he is much more relaxed and has a more regular schedule. I've encouraged him to start a guys night out, but so far no luck.  He keeps pretty busy working around the house, and hanging out with us.  Roughly once a week Dan and Kendra have dinner together.  I either go to school meetings or out to coffee with friends.  Kendra loves her daddy, and really enjoys their time together.  He's such a great dad. 

Me:  Raising the kids and keeping the house in some semblance of order is plenty to keep me busy.  I am on the school board for the preschool, which requires more time than my job last year.  I do enjoy it, though, and I love being involved in her school life.  I've met some wonderful moms there, and I'm becoming better friends with them as time goes on.  I even started a girls night out so we can get together one night a month without the kids.  This week several of us met to work on various craft projects we are donating to the school's fundraiser in December.  We had ball! 

As part of trying to teach my kids empathy, we have begun volunteering at a food bank.  Once a week I pick up bags from the food bank, pick up Kendra from school, and the three of us deliver bags of groceries to the home bound.  I wear Darian in a baby carrier and he naps, while Kendra helps me knock on the doors.  I enjoy it, and hopefully she does too.

I've also volunteered at my church to be a Eucharistic minister.  I'll start at the new liturgical year, and continue for one year.  I'll serve every three weeks and if it goes well, I hope to continue.  The downside is I can't take the kids with me to church on the days I serve (unless I can convince Dan to come with me and watch them!)

(We have stickers on our noses from a birthday party gift bag.  It's cake-induced silliness at it's best.)