Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Four, Part Two

My protein counts finally came from the lab (they were a little slow). They've skyrocketed. I was at 292 last week and over 2,000 from Saturday. I'm off food and water for tonight and have another round of blood tests scheduled at 6am tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck. We may not make it to Friday after all.

But on the bright side, I married the most wonderful man. He showed up tonight with a home cooked meal of fajitas, chopped tomatoes, cheese, rice and ice cream. He rolled me out to the courtyard, grabbed the dogs from the car, and we had a picnic. It was wonderful to get some fresh air - I haven't been outside since Friday. It felt so good to have the breeze in my face and doggie fur on my hands. The food was divine, of course. :)

After dinner I even got a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my room. What an absolute sweetheart.

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