Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun Days

It's rainy and chilly here...still. This is not the summer I was promised and I want a refund.

That said, we had a fun weekend despite the weather. Yesterday we headed to the Seafair Milk Jug Derby at Greenlake Park. One of the local dairies donates somewhere around 10,000 milk jugs to teams who built boats they sail through a course on Greenlake. It's as hysterical as it sounds. Many of the teams go all out in their boats. There was an Angry Bird boat, one that looked like a turtle, and a Ferris wheel.

There are tons of freebie things, kids games and a few food vendors. We walked around the lake, stopped for lunch/dinner at a great Greek restaurant, and headed home with two exhausted kids.

Today it was really rainy so we decided to go to the Science Center. That lasted right up until we tried to park and realized the Taste of Seattle was going on and there was no where to park, or it was crazy expensive. We turned around and went to the Museum of Flight instead. We wandered around that for a few hours, including finally touring Air Force One from the Nixon years and the final Concord jet to ever fly. There's also a new B-17 there for the summer that Dan wants to tour. We'll have to head back the next rainy Saturday we have.

We cashed in our free pizza coupon we won yesterday and got a yummy pizza from our favorite pizza place. Home and Wii are on tap for the evening. And maybe some hot chocolate.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Month Already

Yesterday was Darian's one month birthday. I can't believe an entire month has gone by already! He continues to grow like crazy, which involves a tremendous amount of eating. Nursing is going so much better with him than it did with Kendra. I still don't like it, but at least I'm not miserable and hating every moment of it.

Kendra is adjusting beautifully. She has turned into my wonderful little helper. She makes sure that Darian always has a binki, and she usually gives it a few test sucks as well. :) I try to make sure she has plenty of playdates, park visits and general fun for three year olds so she doesn't feel usurped by her brother. I can't imagine why I thought dealing with one newborn was hard. Newborns are frustrating and exhausting, but it's the preschool set that is a true challenge. Combined? They are hell on wheels.

Dan and I are in real trouble if these two decide to gang up on us as they get older.