Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby, Parents Survive Day

Never ones for common sense, we choose to take our young one out for her first venture on this pleasant but atypical Seattle summer day (lower 60s, partly cloudy, with the slightest hint of precipitation). The result... well I'm too beat to reach over and grab the camera to show that we're too tired to do much.

We placed Kendra into her spiffy Boppy sling and after a few failed attempts had her secured well enough to venture in and around the Crittenden Locks for a bit. This year's salmon runs have been at near record levels, and that means there are lots of yummy fish to observe in the adjoining fish ladder! I did feel a bit like a bear waiting for the fish to leap into my ready and open arms while staring at these delectable creatures. Kendra seemed thoroughly unimpressed from the bottom of the sling, but Karen and my mom seemed to enjoy it. This was followed by a trip past the locks to observe the nice large boats out for a sputter. Neither Karen nor Kendra headed my requests to hijack one of them, an oversight we will likely regret for some time.

On to Red Mill for a bite and now... sitting.

In short: we did things, and we're home. I'm proud that we took some effort to do something that we enjoyed that was mildly active and that we got to include the baby in the experience, but that leads to my most surprising observation. We didn't do all that much, so why are we so damned tired from it?

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