Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Club Med - Again

Turns out I didn't really overdo things last Friday - I was getting sick. By Sunday night I was running a 101 degree fever and Dan and I became familiar with the ER here at Swedish.

I was put through a series of tests in the hopes it was a simple problem, but it turned out to be the toughest one to treat - a uterine infection. My temp went up to 102 and I was admitted to the hospital around 3am Monday morning. I've been on IV antibiotics ever since.

I feel considerably better today than I have in the past week though. The pain is finally getting better - not worse. Having never gone through this, I had no idea what was "normal" for the healing process. Apparently the infection had been setting in for a couple of days, but until I spiked a fever I didn't recognize the symptoms.

I have one more round of antibiotics this afternoon, then they'll let me go home. Of course I haven't been able to see Kendra since Saturday morning (first the pain was too bad, and they won't let you on the floor if you are sick). I'm hoping they'll let me see her today before we leave.

Swedish is a great hospital, but I sure hope I don't have to see it again for a long time.

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