Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clean Bill of Health

Darian went to the pediatric urologist last week. After another ultrasound he was given a clean bill of health!! There is a small (20%) chance he has a blockage, but there is no easy way to test for it. We were advised (and I agree) to keep the possibility in the back of our head in case anything ever comes up. If he starts running a high fever that can't be explained, or begins to get a series of kidney/UTI/bladder infections we may want to get him tested at that point.

One thing I learned I didn't know was regarding his circumcision. The urologist said by having him circumcised we reduced his chance of having any complications 10 fold.

What a relief!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Months Already

If you can believe it, Darian is two months old already. Yesterday was his check-up and the beginning of his inoculations. He weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds and was 24" long. That put him squarely in the 50-75% percentile across the board. (Kendra was 8lbs, 11oz and 21" at 2 months). I knew he was heavier than I remembered her being!

After screaming bloody murder at the doctor's office, he absolutely refused to let me put him down. I ended up spending the entire night holding him to keep him calm. Today, he seems fine. I got lots of smiles this morning and even a few coos. I love the smiles!

Today we went to the park, and had a great lunch courtesy of Katie. She made a great picnic lunch for all of us. The kids ran around and played, eventually ending up in the water feature. I hadn't brought Kendra's swimsuit because I didn't care if her clothes got wet. She however, had another idea. I looked up to see a trail of clothes leading to the spray feature, and my kid buck naked running through the water. Oh well.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Camping We Will Go

We spent the weekend camping with Kendra's preschool class in beautiful Scenic Beach State Park. There were 10 families - roughly 20 kids - in a primitive group camp setting. (And yes, we took Darian along. He did great!) It was amazing! Lots of room for everyone to spread out, and yet we were separated from the rest of the campground so we had the whole area to ourselves. The kids could run free range between tents, ride bikes, play games and still be safe. Down a short path there was a playground, a day use area and access to the beach with spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains.

The beach was mostly rock, so there was a ton of sea life to study. At low tide we saw starfish, oysters, clams, baby eels, crabs, various fish, and seaweed. At high tide the water was crystal clear, blue and inviting. There were even divers going out. The water was chilly, but not so cold that people weren't swimming in it. The hot day probably helped too.

We planned on a group dinner Saturday night, so everyone brought an assigned ingredient to make paella. One of the dad's cooked it up over an open fire, and it was DELICIOUS!! We finished it up with Dan's Dutch oven peach cobbler, and Jean's "kick it" lemonade ice cream (made in one of those ice cream balls you kick around.)

After a sunset walk (or swim in a couple of the kids cases) the little ones went to bed and the adults sat around the fire chatting until the wee hours of the morning. It was pure heaven.

Sunday we had a great breakfast and cleaned up the camp before heading to the beach for one last time. It was drizzle raining and much cooler, so there was no swimming this time. We caught the ferry home, and all hopped in the shower to de-grime ourselves. It was an early night for everyone, but we are ready for another go-round!