Monday, July 9, 2012


This past weekend was one of the most gorgeous we've had to date.  So, instead of doing yardwork (which is desperately needed), we headed on an adventure.

Our adventures generally involve hopping in the car and seeing where we end up.  Sunday, it was the Olympic Sculpture Garden, followed by a waterfront walk to Pier 57.  A stop to refuel at Fisherman's Warf turned out to be an awesome choice as we watched the newly opened 175' Ferris wheel spin overhead. With the kids fed, watered and rested, we tackled the Harbor Steps, and then cooled off with a leisurely stroll through the Aboriginal art exhibit at the Art Museum. 

The roundtrip walk was just under 3 miles...pretty impressive for a 4 year old!  We did cheat a wee bit at catch the bus for a few blocks to help her out.  Darian walked more than ever, and loved toddling wherever we would let him - especially if there were yummy things to eat on the ground (blech!).  

Today's adventure included a long day of babysitting by Kendra's favorite sitter (besides Kai, that is), our next door neighbor Nick.  I have just discovered he is of age to babysit, and enjoys doing it.   He's also home schooled, so he has a fantastically flexible schedule! Mama heaven!! Unfortunately I had school board meetings all day, so it's not like I was off having a fantastic, kid-free time.

So long!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Guess Who's 4?

In further proof that time marches on, the tiny little baby who screamed her way into this world 7 weeks early, turned 4 yesterday.  

 I'm still marveling that this:

somehow became this:

She had a wonderful birthday party.  She chose a camping theme and I ran with it.  There was Bug Juice to drink (green lemonade), roasted hot dogs, a make-your-own trail mix station, a wild (stuffed) animal hunt in the backyard, followed up by....a S'Mores Cake.  (OMG it was good!!!)

There were (gummy) bugs everywhere, and the goody bags were bandanas filled with more gummy bugs, bug tattoos, a small compass, and a small flashlight.

The kids, and parents, left full, sugared up and happy.  A very good birthday.

Look who's 4!  
 (Wearing one of her birthday presents.)