Monday, July 21, 2008

It's The Little Things

Our lives have fallen into a weird routine of home/work(for Dan)/hospital. We spend several hours a day being with our girl, or running back and forth to the hospital. It's not easy, and we're trying to find a balance. Mostly we just want her home, but we're looking at another few weeks.

We celebrate the little things -

  • Kendra taking four full feedings during a day (she needs to get to 8 before they will consider letting her come home)
  • Learning her facial expressions - and she has a bunch
  • Spending time with Dan somewhere that's not home or hospital
  • Fitting into my own underwear
Yes - I am finally done with the ugly, scratchy disposable underwear the hospital provides. After a c-section you want nothing anywhere near your incision, and you are so swollen that nothing you own is coming near you- so their stuff fits the bill.

I can also get into my jeans again!! But, they are just a little too tight to be comfortable at this point. I'll stick with loose fitting stuff or maternity pants for a bit longer. I have lost everything I gained while pregnant, plus a few extra pounds. Easiest diet every - get sick, sleep and loose weight.

Dan's mom arrives tonight to stay for 10 days. We were so hopeful that Kendra would be home by now, but she's just not ready. She tires out too easily while eating and can't finish her bottles. Until she no longer needs to be tube fed, she has to stay in baby jail.

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