Friday, March 25, 2011

A new first!

Today was Kendra's first self-served meal. It was just cereal, but a first is a first! (She also offered me some, but I declined)

Monday, March 21, 2011


After much work, Kendra's preschool dinner/auction/fundraiser is over. Despite me coming down with a massive cold on Friday, we all had a nice time. The food was surprisingly yummy, the kids were adorable and the band (Recess Monkey) was a total hit!

We ended bidding an many items, and won quite a few. Our most expensive "purchase" was an afternoon with Teacher Aaron. Kendra adores her preschool teacher and he offered to take up to two kids on an afternoon outing of our choosing. We've asked another preschooler friend of Kendra's to go along, and are hoping to schedule it after Little Man comes. It will be something special for Kendra - something to put the focus solely on her.

We also won gift cards to two different coffee shops, a new diaper bag with some fuzzy buns diapers, a really cute selection of baby toys for Little Man, a homemade apron for Kendra that is just adorable, and a really pretty necklace for me. It's metalworking, which is something I don't know how to do.

My jewelry ended up selling pretty well. The vintage necklace sold for $80. I was astounded. Maybe I should open an etsy store :)

Overall the auction took in about $12,500. It was just a smidge more than what they were hoping for, so all in all a success. This money provides a good chunk of the operating budget for the school.

Next year I may be more involved, as I have been asked (and said yes) to run for the school board. With Little Man coming up behind Kendra, we could have another 4-5 years at King Street, so I might as well get involved!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Daughter's A Genius

I enrolled Kendra and I in a study on play based learning. The study entails an observer come to our house and interview us, do a twenty minute video of Kendra and I interacting, and a vocabulary test. They come back in 9 months to do it all again.

The vocabulary test consisted of four pictures and the tester asked Kendra to point to one specific picture. Some were nouns, some were representations of verbs. She had to miss 6 or more before the test ended. She made it all the way to 7 years old before she missed enough to end it.

That's right, my little chatterbox has the working vocabulary of the average 6 1/2 year old. Of course, I knew she was the smartest kid ever, but it's nice to have it confirmed :) (Actually, I was really surprised at how high she scored. I wasn't expecting that at all.)