Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Baby

It's finally happened...we are dealing with our first major-minor illness. Yesterday Kendra started running a low fever and coughing. By last night we had one extremely unhappy baby. She wanted nothing more than to lay on me. With every cough she would whimper. It was so absolutely cute and pathetic - it broke your heart to hear.

Baby Vick's, baby Tylenol and a humidifier helped us get through the night, and we made a run to the doctor this morning. The minor part is she has a cold - that's the cough, runny nose and wheeziness. The not-as-minor part is she has a severe ear infection. Both ears are blocked and one is infected.

Normally they just let ear infections run their course without antibiotics. But, because she's so young, and the ear is pretty bad, they went ahead and gave her medicine. The doctor said her ears need to be working at full capacity during this stage of development. If her hearing is muffled she won't catch on to the spoken language as quickly.

Poor baby.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extra! Extra! Website Updated

Check out the update and new digital scrapbook page on our family website!

(And here's another cute Kendra pic just because)

A Quick Look

It's been a while since I posted a picture of Kendra. She grows and changes so quickly! This was at the park across the street from us. She's obviously doing wonderfully! She's a happy baby for the most part, and her giggle is completely infectious. She has her daddy's stubbornness and her mama's charm. :) A pretty awesome combination.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gimping Ain't Easy

They're both doing fine, but seem a bit annoyed with the hassles of gimping. Both of them are a bit slow on the stairs, but Karen is the one that can eat something other than moistened dog food. Of course Otis isn't scratching sores into his orthoboot, so it isn't all fun and dry crunchy food.

Here's to hoping for continued improvement!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Continuing On...

Things here are fairly status quo. Kendra is growing and changing so quickly it's amazing. She's not crawling yet (thank goodness!) although she's fairly mobile. She manages to roll around and scoot to get where she's interested in going. Oftentimes it's backwards, though, so more often than not she wedges herself under tables and against the couch.

She also continues to be an extremely good eater (go figure). Since she has no teeth yet, everything is still fairly soft. I have added white rice to her repetoire, as well as Gerber Graduates They look a bit like dry cereal, but they melt in your mouth so there is no choking hazard. She seems to really like them.

Dan and I are good. I finally got my Dyson Animal vacuum for Valentine's Day. Not the most romantic gift, but it's perfect. I LOVE it. It's a little scary how much fur that thing sucks up. I'm pretty sure we could create an entire stuffed Otis out of the amount of fur I vacuum up every day.

They've begun the demolition on dad's house this week. He's been going through the stuff they pull out, but so far they've only found about a wheelbarrow's full of stuff worth keeping - most of it photo albums. He has conceeded he's not rebuilding out there. We've contacted a real estate agent (who's also a friend of mine) to begin the process of looking for someplace to buy. Most likely he'll end up in Ballwin - where his sister lives.

That's all for now...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on Us

It's been a while since my last post, and as you can imagine it's been busy.

1. Dad came here for a week to work on insurance papers. We finished the inventory of the household contents, and are now working on pricing everything. It is a tremendous amount of work, and we have until March 2 to turn it in. Anyone who has some spare time on their hands and wants to help price about 3,000 items....

2. We got some numbers from the structural part of the policy. They will most likely cut a check in the next two weeks. Dad will then have 6 months to find somewhere permanent to live. He's started looking at houses, but isn't really sure what he wants - or where he wants it. I think he's ruled out Seattle, much to my disappointment. But I think he's seriously considering somewhere in the Ballwin area - it's near his sister. He wants to wait until March (after the inventory is turned in) to buckle down and really start looking.

3. Kendra is doing wonderfully. She keeps growing and growing. She isn't crawling yet, but she manages to be pretty mobile. She scoots and rolls to get where she wants to go. She's eating solid foods like a champ. Last night she had a grand time smearing banana's all over her face, the table, the dogs...

4. Dan is not as thrilled with Kendra's new eating habits. He gets extremely squicked out by the slimy-ness that our daughter loves to engage in. :) He is so wonderful with her in every other way though. He even finished our taxes last night, so one more thing off our plates for now.

5. I'm doing ok. I tore my plantar fascia tendon about a week ago and am now in a walking boot. I have to wear it about a month and will, hopefully, then be all better. I'm working full time again, still for the same company. It's a perfect situation - I get to work full time and we don't have any daycare costs. It is a little tricky to balance it all, but again, Dan is wonderful in helping out. He now has baby duty in the mornings while I get in a few hours before he leaves for work.

6. Otis is showing his age. He started having trouble walking last week, and couldn't seem to eat, so we took him to the vet. The vet seems to think he might have a brain lesion, and yes, that's as bad as it sounds. Basically Otis' whole world has shifted - kinda like being on a boat in high waves. That's why he's had such a hard time walking - it isn't a physical lack but a mental one. He now holds his head at an angle to try and compensate. He still can't eat hard food, but is doing ok with moist, if we beat the other dogs back to give him time. His attitude is still good - he's still Otis, but his time with us drawing to a close.