Monday, August 4, 2008

Update on Life

So much has happened since we brought little one home. Everyday I said I was going to post, but somehow there just isn't time! (Everyone warned me about this!)

Dan's Mom - She was here for 10 days, and was a tremendous help. Much to her delight, she was here when we brought Kendra home from the hospital. We did a bit of sightseeing with her when Bryan and Cheryl were in town, but mostly we hung out at home. She helped Dan cook, kept the laundry caught up and the house clean. I got a chance to know my baby a little bit and practice being a mom. She got to dote on her first grandchild - and has the pictures to prove it. :) On her way home she was bumped off her flight and got a free ticket for her trouble. She's planning a return trip for Kendra's first birthday. We can't wait to have her again.

1st Pediatrician Visit - July 30 we had our first pediatrician visit for Kendra. We have a very healthy little baby. She had gained more weight, and was officially 5 lbs, 14 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. (3-13 and 16 inches was her birth stats). She also had her first vaccine - Hep B. She wasn't all that fond of it, but I think it hurt Dan more to watch her get it.

Despite her clean bill of health, the doc wants us to keep her as isolated from people as possible. No going to stores, parties or restaurants - anywhere there are large crowds of people. Children are especially off limits - they are little germ factories. Outdoors is fine, so we've been going on lots of walks around the neighborhood with baby and dogs in tow.

Seafair - Seafair is a huge summer festival here. The Blue Angels fly over Lake Washington, and hydroboats race across it. They actually close I-90 for parts of it and let people walk out to watch the show. Wen live about 1/2 mile from Lake Washington, so for several days prior to Seafair we had the fighter jets flying overhead at various points in the day. It was crazy loud, but luckily didn't seem to bother Kendra any.

At the same time, the largest and oldest African celebration takes over the three parks across the street from our house. There are basketball and music competition, booths selling stuff and a huge carnival.

Between Seafair and the African thing, we couldn't have left our house by car if we'd wanted to. Traffic was bumper to bumper on both sides of our house. The police were directing traffic, but since several major roads were closed for the parade, traffic was re-routed through our little street.

We had decided to walk to a friends house (he lives on the lake) to hang out and watch the show. Lucky for us we walked. Other friends who tried to drive said it took over an hour for them to get there - and they lived less than 5 miles away. Traffic was amazingly crazy - even by Seattle standards.

I think that's all for now. I'll (hopefully) start to be more regular with posts as I get the hang of this all.

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cool pics! you look fabulous, Karen!