Thursday, May 1, 2008

Latest Visit - 25 Weeks!

We had our latest visit to the doctors office yesterday, and everything seems to be going just great. BP was back to normal and the fetal heart rate was strong. I did my glucose tolerance test - which was disgusting. It tasted like that nasty orange sugar drink McD's serves, and left me feeling out of sorts and grumpy the rest of the day. I'll find out the results today.

We are (finally) ready to schedule our next full fetal survey. Hopefully I can get in around May 15. I'm excited about it. These ultrasounds are high tech and really awesome. It's so cool to see this little person roaming around inside me. Normally a second one isn't done (a full fetal survey is generally done at 20 weeks and that's it), but because of the placenta previa it's necessary for me and the baby.

In other news - we've almost finished building our garden. It should be finished after one more night of working on it. Then we till, and plant! I'm so excited!! I love gardening, and seeing all of our hard work come together so beautifully is really amazing.

Finally - a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite cupcake maker. I hope you have a wonderful day! (And someone bakes you some yummy treats for a change!)

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Stef said...

Aww... thanks Karen! I actually went to a restaurant where I know the chef and she made me a float with champagne, champagne sorbet, and raspberries. It was yummy!