Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just To Be Clear...

The only one who seems embarrassed by Otis' lack of fur is Dan :) It doesn't seem to bother Otis in the least - he actually is not shedding as much and he seems more comfortable. Dan, however, thinks his poor dog is going to suffer emotional damage. :)

In baby news, at our last ob visit on Friday we got the all clear! My glucose test came back fine, and the placenta has moved to the correct position. Little One is currently breech, but it doesn't matter since we have 10-14 weeks for him to move into the correct position.

My blood pressure was slightly elevated, so I have to start monitoring it at home. The only part that's driving me nuts is the pain in my hands. I've had arthritis for years, and all the extra fluid pressing on the joints in my fingers is quite painful. There are days I can't hold a pen it hurts so badly. In the past week I've also lost most of the feeling in two of the fingers on my right hand. I have an appointment tomorrow with an orthopedic rehab doc to get fitted for a splint to help relieve some of the pressure.

Our baby is currently 2 1/2 pounds, close to 15 inches long and quite active. Little One's eyes are opening and closing, and there is definitely response to outside stimuli. Little One kicked consistently at both the ultrasound probe and the doppler probe. It was kinda funny. In talking to several other women in our childbirth class, our babies all have the same reaction to their daddies. Baby will kick and squirm for an hour - but as soon as dad puts his hand on our stomach, all movement stops. It's hysterical (and frustrating for dad!)

We're in the home stretch!

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Kai said...

I would like to point out that in the last sentence in paragraph 2 you refer to the baby as "him" not "him/her" or "her". I'm still sticking with my belief that it's a boy.

BTW that's a good look for Otis.