Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fairly Ho-Hum

It's been fairly busy, although quiet at the same time.

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend enjoying BBQ with friends. We ended up at a new (to us) park for "Porkfest 2008." A friend of ours made several varieties of ribs and everyone brought the extras. It was a beautiful day - lots of sunshine, sailboats going by on Puget Sound, waves lapping on the beach, families flying kites and playing soccer, even an ice cream truck - it was so darn perfect it almost seemed staged.

On Monday we had friends here and ate some wonderful smoked ribs, fresh corn and fruit salad, and played cards.

In between we have been working on household projects in preparation for the baby. We're putting up shelves, rearranging furniture, putting up curtains and (trying) to get the baby's room ready. It's a long, slow process. Anyone want to come visit to help kick us into gear?

Baby wise everything is fine. I'm in PT twice a week for pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. I've lost most of the feeling in my right hand because of the swelling. PT is helping though - I am starting to feel some things again and the pain is lessening. I'm basically a klutz though, and don't trust myself to handle anything breakable at the point. Between pain and loss of sensation I just don't have the strength in my fingers/hand anymore.

Standard appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'll update more later.

And Cheryl - Turtle is normally as nutty as ever. She's a sick little girl right now. We took her in for her yearly shots today, and apparently she is allergic to leptosis. It's something they recommended because we take her to dog parks and the down to the water to swim. The vet thinks the reaction should wear off after 24 hours, but Turtle is not a happy girl right now.

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cheryl said...

Oh, poor turtle. But she'll be happy when she can swim again.

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well--be thankful you're in beautiful Seattle and not muggy St. Louis for the summer! But we miss you here...