Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Wow - this was an absolutely wonderful weekend! Sunday was one of those days people in the Pac NW brag about - 65 and sunny, Mt Rainier in the distance, neighbors out and about. Just beautiful. We spent the whole day outside working on the garden and planting bushes and shrubs along the base of the wall. We planted azaleas, rhododendrons, and heather along the base of the wall. I have several bags of bulbs ready to go in as soon as Dan can till the ground for me.

Dan has just about finished the garden. It would be done except we realized the weight of the dirt was heavier than anticipated so we need to add some supports to the wall to help. I have blueberry bushes and lots of veges ready to plant. We're already enjoying fresh lettuce many evenings for dinner, and Dan has been picking a bit to add to sandwiches for lunch. We bought 15 bags of steer manure to fertilize the ground, so here's hoping we have a bumper crop! (And let me tell you - 15 bags of manure really, really, stinks!! My poor car!)

Saturday it rained all day, but we made good use of it. We spent the day shopping, mostly stuff for the house. We finally bought curtains for the dining and living room. They're not hung, but I have hopes they'll be up soon!

Tonight we start baby class!

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