Monday, May 12, 2008

Does she like being pregnant?

So I read that previous post and probably reacted with the same questions you did:
1) Is he nuts?! Give the pregnant woman what she wants and
2) Is it really that bad? Does she even enjoy being pregnant?

To the first... I try to make sure she wins those kinds of exchanges.

To the second... I think so?

Tonight was birthing class #2, the highlight of which was a video (which we think was filmed in STL) of a couple having a natural birth with little to no meds. Things that stood out to me were how very calming her spouse was, and just how much work she had to do to get that kid through. I'd say we both have a lot to live up to there... Nevertheless, was very touching to see there on the screen his reaction to holding his new child. Powerful stuff. Karen likewise reacted to them placing the still gooey baby on her mother's lap. (I was grossed out.)

So back to the questions... I think she is enjoying the experience but has already begun to be frustrated at the conflicting feelings. Imagine joy and dread from this somewhat autonomous thing that also happens to occupy the space you previously assumed belonged to your bodily functions. Scary. Now factor in the fears of preparedness and uncertainty and a few measures of discomfort and that squirming in the belly starts to be a lot to deal with.

I'm in awe, really... And it ain't over by a long shot. I hope the classes continue to give us a way to sort out all of the emotions and questions involved to just allow our bodies to do what they do. That's the trick right? We need to have the awareness to know what her body needs without getting in its way.

I'm just glad she liked the cake.

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