Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apologies for Mothers Day Whine Fest

A wonderfully sweet man pointed out that my post from yesterday sounded a little whiny. He's right, and that's not at all how I meant it to come across.

Being pregnant is much harder than I ever anticipated. It's harder physically, but also emotionally.

It's also much more rewarding than I ever could have dreamed, and in ways that are nearly impossible to describe. Seeing Dan's face as he feels Little One's feet kicking is a sight I will never forget. Watching my tummy move of it's own volition, ala alien style, is so cool. Friday night we were at the ballgame (Mariners lost). I realized that as the crowd erupted into cheers, Little One would go into his own kicking frenzy. For the first time, he was reacting to sounds around me. Wow. This tiny little miracle is becoming more and more a little person with each passing day. S/he's on a fairly consistent wake/sleep cycle. S/he reacts when I eat or if I move into certain positions. There is a personality developing even now.

Preparing for Little One's birth is helping to forge a bond between Dan and I that will never be broken. Even the prep work is fraught with intense intimacy. It's an amazing thing to realize he's got my back on this adventure - and he's the only one I would want there.

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