Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nursery is Underway

We spent a few hours today working on getting the nursery in order. We've got everything in the correct place (crib, changing table, rocker, etc), and went through all the clothes, diapers, and baby gear. We got most of it organized - for now. We'll see what wrenches the reality of having Little One here throws in my wonderful organization.

We still have some stuff to do - install a ceiling fan, install curtain rods, hang a few pictures and put up some Ikea free-floating shelves. One more afternoon...

We did take a break for some fun on Thursday. We went downtown and strolled around Pioneer Square for the art walk, then had some very tasty Italian food. It was a wonderful evening. I love date night with my husband. :)

Dan totally spoiled me today by making French caramel creme. My goodness it was good!! Lots of fresh berries (purchased this morning from the Market while I slept in), delicious, creamy, smooth custard creme with a light caramel flavor, topped with fresh whipped creme. It was beyond heavenly.

Dan's off to Seattle International Film Festival and I'm going to vege at home with a movie and the iron. I didn't want to go - especially considering how expensive the tickets are. He'll enjoy it immensely though, so it works out.

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