Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Four of Captivity

First off, the good news - all baby tests are coming in wonderfully. We had another ultrasound today and the amniotic fluid level is higher than it was on Friday - that's good because it was pretty low. They checked for 8 points of reaction from the baby, and s/he got an 8/8 - that's our little overachiever. :)

My blood work and protein counts also look better than they did a week ago, and my blood pressure is dropping.

Apparently laying around being waited on hand and foot agrees with me. :)

On the downsides, the upswing in results might be nothing more than a temporary reaction to the steroid injections I was given. They sometimes produce a "honeymoon" period. I'll have more tests tomorrow and the next day to see if the bettering is a trend or just a fluke.

It's really hard to lay around all the time. My back and neck are in a lot a pain - even with then new comfy bed. I did sleep pretty good last night, but was still exhausted by 11am this morning. A quick nap and I feel much better, but it's amazing how much of my strength is being zapped daily. Taking care of a newborn is going to be tougher than I even imagined.

I'm still retaining a tremendous amount of water. Dan didn't think I was quite as puffy today, but I think he was just being sweet :) He spent yesterday with Kai shopping for the last of the baby stuff we needed. I'm not kidding (or exaggerating at all) when I say the receipt was close to FOUR FEET LONG! I think we're up to a bout a $1000 an ounce for Little One now :)

Thanks for the phone calls and emails - keep them coming!

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