Saturday, June 28, 2008

Greetings from Club Med!

(as posted by D., who is too lazy to figure out his own login at the moment)

Karen will most likely not be leaving the hospital without giving birth, but that could be between 3 and (I'm guessing) 7 days out. What this means is that anyone who bet on August in the baby pool is automatically out. She has or is at high risk of Preeclampsia but the baby is fine and she hasn't spiked into dangerous territories. The question at hand is just whether or not we have time to chill or of that nursery needs to be complete tomorrow. ;) Rest assured, she is being well cared-for and we're both concerned but not freaking out.

Why? Becuase it is very much beyond our control an influence! We've got great medical care, so the most important thing is to keep Karen from being too bored.

The room is decent with a little bit of a view and wireless access... call often!

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