Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sushi - The New Dog Treat

Well, the seaweed portion anyway. Who knew that dogs (at least ours) would go absolutely BONKERS over dried seaweed? Right now all three dogs are frantically barking, begging, woofing, sitting, being cute and doing whatever they think will get them more seaweed. I've never seen them go so crazy over anything.

My dogs are nuts.


Eric said...

I remember watching Otis try to catch falling strips of nori in Dan's kitchen at the house on Westport. The best was when we gave him a piece of cucumber roll. After gladly accepting the treat, he all but swallowed it whole. Then he gracefully spit out the three little bits of julienne cut cucumber. Talk about a discerning palette. :)

Ran said...

Not to get too anal, but "sushi" actually means vinegared rice aka sushi rice.