Sunday, June 29, 2008

Club Med Update

Things are fairly status quo here. We know a little more...the docs have made an official diagnosis of preeclampsia. What does that mean? Not much :) except I will be a guest of the hospital for the foreseeable future.

The way I understand it, we will be walking a fine line everyday. The line between my health and the baby's. When it becomes too dangerous for me to remain pregnant, or too toxic for the baby, out baby will come. With luck, that will be sometime after next Friday.

I'm gaining nearly a pound a day in water weight, and really look it. I'm carrying around 20 pounds of fluid right now. Everything that could swell and get puffy is. :( I look a mess. I did get to take a nice soak in the maternity jacuzzi today, though, and that felt like pure heaven. The water was considerably cooler than I would have liked because of the baby, but even with that it felt so good.

I still feel good, except for a severe backache from having to lay around all the time. I just got an air bed that should help with that. Tylenol is the only pain killer I'm allowed, but it does help a bit.

Dan is bringing the pups by later tonight. I can go to the courtyard to play with the them as long as I am in a wheelchair.

Keep the calls and emails coming - you guys are the only thing making this bearable at all.

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