Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to the Third Trimester

We had another doctor visit yesterday - we've made it to last stage of pregnancy! Everything seems to be going just fine, so we are continuing on with the status quo. My next appt is in 2 weeks, and I'll be given my glucose test. I have to drink this sickly sweet orange juice one hour before the appt, then they draw my blood to check my bodies reaction. If it's normal, we're done. If it's abnormal we do a full-on fasting test, draw blood, drink sugar solution, draw more blood test.

We were also given our third trimester packet. It contains the pre-admission forms to the hospital, information about maternity laws in WA state, several long, double sided pages about birthing, nursing vs bottle feeding and after care, a list of recommended pediatricians, and the paper to fill out our birth plan.

Wow - we have to pick a pediatrician before our kid is born. It makes sense, but somehow that never crossed my mind.

And what the heck is a birth plan? I've read several references to them, but my plan is to give birth - preferably to a healthy, full term baby. What else am I supposed to tell them? Luckily they gave us a four page document outlining common issues/questions/concerns we should include in our birth plan - yes *4* pages. Wow. Things Dan and I never even considered - like does he want to cut the cord? Do either of us want to be there when they bathe the baby for the first time? What kind of pain meds do I want (based on this elaborate scale they provide - from knock-me-out-I-don't-want-to-feel-anything to I'm-very-into-medival-torture-techniques-and-want-no-meds-no-matter-what)? When do we want to feed the baby for the first time? What kind of music, lighting and mood do we want in the delivery room? (What is this - a stage production??)

Somewhere, sometime, someone has asked/requested all of the things that are in this four page list. And I'm sure they had a very elaborate birth plan typed up months ahead of time. Am I a bad mother already for never even considering a single one of the items mentioned?

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