Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flying While Pregnant

We have made it safe and sound to St. Louis! My only thought about flying while 5 1/2 months pregnant is...get an aisle seat. I apologized to the man on the aisle before we ever took off, and sure enough - I was getting up to go to the bathroom more times than I care to count.

Although we made it safe and sound, my luggage was not as fortunate. We checked three bags in Seattle, and only two made it to St. Louis. Of course the one that did not make it was the bag with ALL my clothes. I currently have one pair of underwear, one pair of the world's most expensive socks*, and pajamas. AA is looking for my luggage, and rumor has it it should be delivered tomorrow. Still - a bit annoying.

*world's most expensive socks - compression hose that run $85 a pair! A necessary evil for this pregnancy to prevent swelling in my legs. Especially necessary if you are flying while pregnant.

See most of you in the next few days!

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