Monday, April 14, 2008

Home Again

We (and all the luggage) made it back to Seattle right on time. We were greeted by a cold wind and rainy drizzle - much like we had just left! We caught the bus to the car park, only to find out someone broke into the Jeep while we were gone. Well, broke in is a strong word considering the doors don't lock, but the rear end was open and the jumper cables are missing. There was nothing else of value (hence the reason we used it) except a few old bags of beef jerky. The cables were of vintage quality and it's basically just an annoyance as opposed to a real loss.

We headed to City Center to listen to the Dalai Lami speak at 1:00pm. It was amazing to see such a powerful man so full of peace in person. He has a quirky sense of humor, and it was an interesting discussion. I was so tired I didn't fully appreciate it, but I'm glad we went.

When we finally got home (to a house completely coated in fur) I fell right into bed and slept for three hours. I'm ready to head back there but Dan just went for pizza and a movie. We have three dogs that are starving for attention and two cats that are pissy we left them. In other words - about status quo for here.

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