Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rain or Shine the Party Goes On!

In case you are wondering the wedding reception goes on regardless of weather. We have contingency plans in place for rain, and the house will be open if it gets too cold. We will have both garages open, as well as several canopies to help keep things dry and warm.

The food is bought, the kegs will be picked up tomorrow and we have enough cake to feed a small army. We can't wait to see you!

PS. Yes the luggage arrived

PPS. If we or you lost your invitation, just call or email us. You ARE invited!

PPPS. Karen should log out when she goes to bed so Dan doesn't add lots of PSs.

PPPPS. Has anyone seen 'Once?' I've heard good things about that movie.


cheryl said...

Loved Once--awesome movie. Can't wait to see you tonight, Karen!

Stef said...

I could just tell you guys this when you wake up, but I saw Once and did not like it at all. I loved the music, but the movie was bad.

CaptainCanuck said...

And the party was grand! It was great to see everyone and I really enjoyed the real food/BBQ.

It reminded me a lot of being back home.

Plus, Eric's drawing of Jonathan as a rabbi was vintage stuff. As though no one has moved.

Congrats again to you both!