Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Family Fun

Boy time sure flies when you’re having fun! I spent last weekend in Peoria. My cousin Brian got married to a wonderful woman, and the wedding reception was Saturday night. They had been married the week before in Las Vegas. Thea seems very sweet and will make a good addition to our family. She also has a 13 year old son, so now Tom and Nancy have eight grandsons. Wow – that’s a lot of boys.

It was wonderful to see everyone again. The majority of the family was there. The Colorado Clan couldn’t make it in, the Springfield contingent was worried about the bad weather and stayed home, and of course my dad wouldn’t go. The weather was very windy, and it snowed the entire trip, but the overall the roads were fine.

I couldn’t believe how much the kids have changed. They are growing, and if possible, becoming cuter. Even with all eight running around they were remarkably well behaved. I have no patience for annoying children, but these kids were great. Poor Nathan – I’m not sure his DNA was used in producing any of his kids – they all look exactly like our family! Funny how that works. I see that with Nora and Aidan too – although in that case Nora is her mother’s spitting image, and Aidan is his daddy through and through.

My poor pup is not quite up to snuff. He’s not as young as he was, or as tough. He got beat up pretty good at dad’s place. He has a broken ear (damaged cartilage) and a hematoma on his neck the size of my fist. Because his ear has been hurting him so bad he wouldn’t let me clean it, so he also has a severe yeast infection in it. He’s now on four antibiotics/anti-yeast medications. Poor puppy.

I head to Seattle for ten days on Friday. Send dry thoughts my way!

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