Monday, March 12, 2007

Feeling Slightly Moldy

Day3 in Seattle, and it's still raining. I have hopes that today will dry out a bit this afternoon. The sun - ok really just less gray cloud - is trying to poke through. I can see the sound from Dan's window again, which I couldn't yesterday because of the rain and fog. I now understand why they have 15 coffee houses per block - you need something warm and caffeinated to keep your spirits up!

We had fun yesterday. Kai spent the day bumming with us. We got off to a late start because of the time change and outright laziness. We went to the Blue Dog for wonderful breakfast of frittatas, toast and fruit - and of course coffee. We drove around a few neighborhoods then walked around Greenlake Park. It's about 2 miles around a beautiful lake with views of downtown Seattle on the far shores. There were a ton of people and dogs - this is a very doggy town. Businesses let you bring them in and everyone owns one. Dan pointed out the quintessential Seattle-ite: trench coat, cup of coffee and a dog on a leash. Hiking boots optional.

After the lake we ran an errand for Dan, then had coffee at one of the best coffee places - a tough title to claim in this city. The coffee was delish though - and the title is well deserved. We sat outside (it wasn't raining!!) and watched a man balance a chair on a pile of rocks, then play his harmonica and dance wildly around. I have no idea, but it was entertaining.

Next we went to the most beautiful beach - Golden something. It was windy and wild and amazing. Reminded me strongly of Ireland. This whole place does - everything is so green and hilly. We went to the locks where the spawning salmon swim upstream. It's not the right season, but it was still neat to see. They also have some gardens that run around the locks that are beautiful. I swear that had squirrels as big as Mickey! Fat little buggers.

It looks like the rain is clearing so I'm off to my next adventure. Dan and Kai are at work, so I'm preparing to tackle the city on my own (with a handy map and Dan's cell phone number!)

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