Saturday, March 24, 2007

Reclaiming My Yard

Whew - busy day! I took a class this morning at the community college on how to survive a power outage. I know - I probably could have taught it, but I did learn a few new things. It's also nice to have someone confirm what I thought I knew, and offere a few tricks I hadn't thought of. The best tip I got today is regarding frozen food safety. Keep an ice cube tray in your freezer. When your power goes out, immediately lay a penny on top of the frozen tray. When your power comes back on, you can see how far the penny sank into the ice. If it's at the bottom - throw out all your frozen foods.

I also spent the day trying to reclaim my yard from Mother Nature. I made quite a bit of progress, including getting the pond clean and running again. The hyacinth in the picture is one that is growing along my driveway. The backyard has about a dozen more in pink, purple and white. I love my backyard. I'm itching to start planting!

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