Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peep for President

When I was in Seattle, Kai mentioned the local paper was running a Peeps photo contest. Several days later, when Dan's friend hiked up Mt. Si with us, she and I discussed what she was planning on doing to enter the contest. She even sent me a picture of what she submitted. I happened to be perusing our local paper last week, and what do I see? A "Primp Your Peep" photo contest! I promptly decided to enter and spent several days mulling over what to do. Peeps are not the easiest medium to work with. They are sticky and sugar gets everywhere. Markers, glue and paint tends to melt them. It was a challenge to come up with an idea, and then a way to make it work, but I loved it!

Ultimately I met with success and designed a "Peep for President" political rally. I am very proud of my photo. The contest ends today, so wish me luck in my first ever photo contest!


Chelle said...

I love it! How creative! I look forward to seeing how you fair in the contest!

Team Caulk said...

Good luck with the contest! If you need further inspiration for Peep Art, check out Lord of the Peeps - LOTR done entirely in those little marshmallow buggers.