Monday, January 15, 2007

Powerless - AGAIN

It happened again. The nasty storm that came raging through the midwest knocked out my power. 6:45am Saturday morning my house went dark. The trees creaked in the wind, and periodically branches would come crashing to earth. Several large trees also came down this time. I guess the previous storms had weakened them to the point they couldn't survive another. My neighbors once again had power (I want to be hooked up to their grid!) so I ran the extension cords across the street again to run my fridge and freezer.

Facing another week of dark and cold, I decided that this time, I couldn't take it. I packed up the dogs and headed to Michael's house. Did I mention the my best friend and her two kids were also in town (more on their visit later)? Bless Michael for letting all of us invade his home.

On the bright side, my power was only out for two days this time. My neighbor called at noon to let me know it was back on! I'm spending one more night in Michael's guest room since all my stuff was still at his place. I honestly thought I'd be down a lot longer. Pray for all those folks still down as the temperature drops into the teens tonight.

Tommorow - my own bed!!

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CaptainCanuck said...

St Louis area has had a rough 7-8 months, esp. the trees....

My power was out for a mere 24 hours and that was enough for me.