Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Year's Ramblings...

I hope everyone's new year is off to a fabulous start. Still keeping those resolutions? So far so good for me. I resolved to be more organized and eat healthier in the new year. To that end, I took inventory of every single thing in my pantry. I typed it all up in Excel, organized by category, and clipped the whole list - with a pen - to the inside of my pantry. Each time I use something I cross it off the list. No more buying crap and forgetting I have it, or grabbing dinner on the run because I have no idea what's at home.

Next up - the freezer.

As for the eathing healthier, maybe I should have changed that to simply eating. I've been home in bed with a nasty stomach bug. In the past three days I've eaten a can of chicken noodle soup and a bagel. You know how lousy I felt - I'm ALWAYS hungry :)

As a reminder - dad's birthday is FRIDAY (1/12) and he'll be 60 this year. Give him a call and wish him a happy day/decade.

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Sylvia said...

The car's a beaut! I love the color!