Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cass's Visit

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my best friend from college, Cass, came last weekend with her two kids, Nora and Aidan. Nora is 6 and Aidan is 3. I am Aidan's godmother and Nora's "Crazy Aunt Karen." We had a ball - despite Mother Nature's attempts to thwart us.

They arrived late Friday night. I had gone to see Seinfeld at the Fox with some friends (and it was a great show!). By the time I got home, Cass was there. Aidan was already asleep, but Cass, Nora and I sat up and talked. Around midnight it was bedtime for everyone. The weather was icey and wet and cold, so snuggling into a warm bed was great!

By 6:45am my power was off. We managed to get everyone up, showered and fed in the gloom of another rainy day, then headed off to somewhere with heat and lights. First stop - Anheuser-Busch for a tour of the plant. (Don't we set a great example for the kids - drinking by 10:00am!) We had a really nice time. The kids loved the Clydesdales, and in the hospitality room they had enough soda to float a small battleship. Cass and I tried the new AB product "Peels." I highly recommend it.

Next was lunch at the City Diner on Grand. Thanks to the Seinfeld gang from Friday night for introducing me to this fabulous St. Louis institution! The kids loved it. If you ever end up at the SLU hospital, keep on driving south on Grand - City Diner is on your right. It's even open 24 hours.

Our next choice was the Magic House, but they weren't answering their phone - leading me to believe they did not have power either. So off to the Science Center we went. We spent the rest of the day playing with all the exhibits and watching dinosaurs. Aidan has a fixation on dinosaurs, so we spent quite a bit of time watching the giant T-Rex kill a Triceratops. We made sure to see the overpass over Hwy 40 where you can watch the cars zoom underneath and clock them with radar guns. Last visit this was Aidan's favorite part. He still got a huge kick out of it. By 4:30pm kids and adults were tired, so we headed back home for some quiet time.

Since I still had no power, we went out for dinner to this great Mexican place at the end of my street called Las Palmas. During dinner Michael called and said we could all come stay with him - he had power. So back to my house to load up kids and dogs into the car and back down to South city we went. (I love my car - 2 adults, 2 kids in car seats, 2 dogs, luggage and toys and we all fit just fine!) We effectively invaded Michael - and he deserves kudos for putting up with it all.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast at Uncle Wimpy's, then headed to the City Museum. Lest you think this is a normal museum, check out their website I guarantee this is no museum you have EVER seen before. The kids (and adults) enjoyed running around and playing on everything. When sensory overload kicked in we went to the art studio and made "swords" and "fairy wands." A quick wander through the Enchanted Caves and we headed for lunch at Crown Candy Factory. Nothing like candy and ice cream for lunch!

By now it was pouring buckets of rain, so we headed home. Cass and I moved car seats back to her van, changed kids into PJs and loaded up their stuff and they set off for home. Since I still had no power, I headed back to Michael's house. I crashed and slept straight through till morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed having the kids here, but boy they wore me out!! Here are the pictures...

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