Friday, March 6, 2009

From the Lone Star State

Greetings from the hot and humid weather of Texas! Dan, Kendra and I arrived last night to the steamy (by Seattle standards) city of Dallas. We spent the evening catching up with my cousin, and are heading to visit Dan's family the rest of our stay. That entails driving. A lot of driving. I think we're covering half of Texas by the time we leave.

Dan is heading back home Tuesday morning. Kendra and I are staying on, and will drive with my cousin up to Springfield, MO to attend his sister's funeral. My eldest cousin, Sandy, died very suddenly on March 1. I was hoping to be able to her funeral, as she was Aunt Marilyn's only daughter and oldest child. Sandy and I were never close - too big a spread in ages and lifestyles - but you know I adore my Aunt Marilyn and I wanted to be there for her. Sandy's kids were kind enough to set the funeral date out far enough to give travelers time to get there, and as a result, our whole family is converging on Springfield, including my dad.

Since SWA is awesome and has no change fee to rebook a flight, I canceled my original ticket and re-booked to fly home on March 17. Kendra and I will catch a ride with dad back to STL, see my grandma and a few friends (we'll only be in town 24 hours, so I'm afraid we'll miss most of you :( and fly out from there.

If my dates are correct, March 16 is a dinner club night. I do plan on I hope to see you there!

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