Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goodbye, My Toothless Wonder

My Toothless Wonder is no more. Instead she is now the One Tooth (or maybe two, it's hard to tell) Wonder.

We've spent the past 48 hours dealing with a fussy, feverish, cranky, pissy, unhappy baby. We wondered about teeth, but couldn't feel any gum inflammation or hard spots. At the neighbor's tonight, Kendra was chewing on their son's finger and he said her gums were sharp. It seemed like an odd statement so I stuck my finger in there, and sure enough, I can just feel a tooth starting to poke through.

During a screaming jag I was able to look inside and see what looks like her two front, bottom teeth pushing up. I can't see any white tooth yet, just some odd coloration on her gums.

Poor little girl. No wonder it's been such a tough weekend - on all of us!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karen

I guess better now then on your car trip from last week?

Poor thing - I hate tooth pain of any kind.

How is your ankle/leg doing? Are you out of the boot?