Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Baby

It's finally happened...we are dealing with our first major-minor illness. Yesterday Kendra started running a low fever and coughing. By last night we had one extremely unhappy baby. She wanted nothing more than to lay on me. With every cough she would whimper. It was so absolutely cute and pathetic - it broke your heart to hear.

Baby Vick's, baby Tylenol and a humidifier helped us get through the night, and we made a run to the doctor this morning. The minor part is she has a cold - that's the cough, runny nose and wheeziness. The not-as-minor part is she has a severe ear infection. Both ears are blocked and one is infected.

Normally they just let ear infections run their course without antibiotics. But, because she's so young, and the ear is pretty bad, they went ahead and gave her medicine. The doctor said her ears need to be working at full capacity during this stage of development. If her hearing is muffled she won't catch on to the spoken language as quickly.

Poor baby.

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