Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home Again

After a very long day of travel, Kendra and I are home again. We flew SW via Chicago - and I have to say, both legs of the journey were great. SW really does have some fabulous flight attendants.

Kendra was wonderful on this whole trip. She had a few fussy moments, but considering we were gone two weeks, and covered four states in a car, went through two time zones and daylight savings time, a little fussiness is expected. She was a hit on the flight back - the flight attendants carried her up and down the aisles and she just chattered and smiled at everybody.

Both sides of the extended family have now met Kendra, and in Dan's family's case, me. I think we were both a hit :) Here is a picture of Kendra and her great-grandma. Grandma adores her, and was sad to see us leave.

I'll get pictures posted in the next few days. Dan did a great job of keeping up with the house, but there's still some stuff for me to catch up on.

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