Monday, December 29, 2008

We're Here

It's been an incredibly long two days.

Dad is physically doing ok. I had him checked by his doctor today, and we had a chest x-ray done because of all the smoke he breathed in. He has some burns on his cheeks, forehead and nose, although the nose burns are the worst. His eyebrows and eyelashes were singed off, and his eyes slightly injured so he has eye drops to help them heal. His right knee is swollen, and his shoulder and wrist hurt from where he fell trying to get out of the house.

Emotionally, I'm not sure. We're both a mess. He has a cell phone again, but we're really busy right now trying to put things back together. We got an emergency check from the insurance company so he has some money. His wallet was destroyed, so we're working on getting his driver's license and credit cards replaced. We put an application in on an condo in town that is fully furnished and move in ready. Our insurance agent found it for us, and we should be able to move him in tomorrow.

Thank you for the prayers, and keep them coming. It looks even worse than the pictures depict. The house caught fire a second time and is now totally gone. There isn't so much as a wall standing. Everything we thought was important is gone.

Our home is gone.

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CaptainCanuck said...

Oh dear. I had written a comment here but it just seems so trite in the face of this loss. Then again, we still have your Dad, and that is a priceless blessing. So many levels of tragedy and gratitude. peace, CC