Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Things

I'll go backwards to make sure and get the important stuff first:
* George (Karen's Dad) is uninjured, and only had some minor smoke inhalation problems
* We weren't there at the time, and had been staying in St. Louis
* Marilyn had departed a few hours earlier afer an overnight stay
* They're coping as best as can be expected

* George's house burned to the ground this morning (Sun, 12/28)
* Most of his and Karen's treasured keepsakes and family heirlooms are gone 

Tomorrow will begin the process of figuring out what needs to be done and taking care of the immediate necessities (medicine, accounts, insurance, sanity). I know they will both appreciate your thoughts and warm wishes, emails, etc. I suspect it will take them a few days to return phone calls and emails, and we'll probably update more as we can. 

- Dan

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