Monday, December 8, 2008

Just Hangin' Out

Don't ask me because I have no idea. She managed to squirm into position with her feet against my stomach, then progressively pushed herself backwards off the boppy. She laid happily like this for quite some time. (I had a hold of her pants to keep her from toppling headfirst onto the floor.)

I also finished my first attempt at sewing something wearable! It has definite room for improvement, but I'm pretty proud of it for a first attempt. It's a bit big, but it should fit her for a while, and I'm already working on making her a second one. Kai was an immeasurable help to me, and has given me the confidence to try to solo it this time. She is still going to come over, but we are moving on to making a jacket (with a hood!). I'm actually enjoying learning this. It's pretty cool!

I also had my first ever meeting for my new book club. We read "The Sealed Letter" by Emma Donoghue. It was a very interesting book, and I'm glad we chose it. We're going to pick a book that has a discussion guide for next time, since none of us has ever belonged to a bookclub. We muddled through this time, but would like a more guided approach for next time.

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