Friday, December 19, 2008

Snopocolypse 2008

Seattle is not the midwest. It doesn't snow here. It doesn't drop below freezing. It's a nice temperate climate.

So what in the world is going on? We got 4" of snow dumped on us yesterday, and the temperature is in the teens. It's insane. Schools have been closed since Wednesday in preparation for the storm, and they are predicting more cold, more snow and some ice for this weekend. Skiing seems to be the best way to get around.

Seattle doesn't have many snowplows, and no salt to put on roads. Bus routes (the lifeline for many people here) have been cut by half. Of those that are running several have jack-knifed on slick streets. Since the buses are electric and run on a set cable system, if one bus jack-knifes on a route, no other buses can get by it.

Businesses are closed and police are asking everyone to stay home and off the streets. The downtown area looks like a bad game of car pong - cars slid off the road and left at the strange angle they landed in. Commutes for the brave (or foolish) who attempted to make them ran 3+ hours to go just a few miles.

Yesterday at Costco there was a run on milk, eggs and sleds. :) Yes, we put chains on my car and ventured out - mostly just to see if we could. We made it there and mostly back with no problem. I got stuck on the street leading to our house and had to back out and try a different road. Once home I left my car on the street. Our driveway will be a sheet of ice before long.

We're surviving, and spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday with our neighbors. They have a year old girl who loves Kendra, and Kendra finds her just as interesting. In fact, yesterday Kendra rolled over for the first time ever at their house! She was bound and determined to get one of Audrey's toys, and rolled completely over to reach it. Unfortunately we haven't been able to duplicate her feat at home.

We have no plans this weekend that can't be changed if the weather is too bad. Here's hoping it clears up before we have to fly!

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