Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kendra Meets Santa

We headed to Bellevue Square Mall tonight to have Kendra's picture taken with Santa. She was cute, as always, but not all that impressed by Santa. She gave him a big grin, then proceeded to look around at the lights, the people, the elves - everything. Hopefully the picture turned out cute. We pick them up on Monday.

Dan snapped this picture outside the mall on "Snowflake Lane." This was the trial run of her Christmas outfit, and it seemed to work very well (except the arms are way to long. Poor child has her mother's short arms!)

Kendra was fascinated by the mall. She turned every which way to try to see everything. She is a curious child - I'll give her that. She spent a chunk of this evening trying to grasp toys we set just out of reach. We were trying to encourage her to roll over. She's soooooo close. That one arm keeps getting in her way, then we'd end up with a baby yelling in frustration. I give her another week and she'll have it.

We also did a photo shoot here at the house last week. Kendra tried her hand at out-cute-ing our Christmas stuffed animals. I think she did a pretty good job!

Then she decided the photo shoot was over and it was snack time. Yummm...tasty bear.

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