Friday, November 2, 2007

Yelping For Fun!

Dan is an Elite Yelp! member, and last night we reaped the benefits of his celebrity status. :) He had received an invitation to the New Year Oyster Celebration at Elliott's Oyster House down on the waterfront. It was fabulous!

The restaurant had waitstaff serving hot appetizers and red and white wine. There was an ice bar filled with all the raw oysters you could eat, and a bartender serving mixed drinks. A DJ was playing music (not nearly as good as DJ Mano) and it was a general party/good time atmosphere. The oysters were fabulous, and we met several nice people and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I even bought a book about how to become an oyster connoisseur. Since I already love them, I'm hoping to learn about the subtle flavor variations and how to successfully pick really tasty oysters every time.

Go Yelp!

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CaptainCanuck said...

i haven't been on yelp in a long time.... i'll have to check out that site again