Monday, October 29, 2007

Settling In

Dan is adjusting to life with cats, and the cats absolutely adore Dan. :)

Dan made it home safe and sound Friday night. We found a new Italian restaurant that was fabulous - very European style - extremely tiny, doubled as a grocery store, a constantly changing menu, and fabulous food.

Saturday we spent the day shopping for householdy stuff. We got a new bathroom set for the upstairs bath, paint to repaint the office, and a bunch of misc stuff. We also looked at furniture - specifically a new couch and some easy chairs.

I know I put a moratorium on household remodeling, painting, carpeting, etc, until after the first of the year, but we have decided to switch the guest room and the office around. The current guest room is a little larger, and we could use the extra space. Plus, it has a much better view and more sunlight. Since I spend so much time there, it makes sense. The downside it, the room is pink. And before we move the office, it makes sense to paint. It will be a bright squashy/yellow color, with accents of "spicy orange." I think it will look awesome.

We also had some of Dan's friends over for movies last night. I had a great time, and I think our guests did too. Dan made homemade pizza in various flavors and we had a great wine from Snoqualmie valley.

Until later...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are settling in to your new life in Seattle! I'm so happy for you!


CaptainCanuck said...

re: new friends. See? not that a given group can be replaced by any means, but there are plenty of fish in the sea