Monday, November 26, 2007

Almost Done...

Actually, we've finished painting the room, and most of the cleanup is done. What we haven't yet accomplished is moving all the computer stuff to the new room, and setting up the guest room again. Anyone want to come visit to kick us into gear?

The color is very intense, but we both love it. It's like walking into a sunrise.

Dan also managed to cut a hole in the side of the house and install a new door to the "basement" area. We'd like to level it out some, which will require lots of shoveling, but it will be nice to have a storage area. We're even going to store some excess root vegetable (potatoes, carrots and onions) we bought on the cheap at Costco.

We hit Costco after Turkey Day, and the deals were great. We bought a nice fresh turkey for $0.49 per pound! We cut it apart and threw the big pieces (legs, thighs, wings and most of the breast) on the smoker and ended up with the best tasting turkey I've ever had. The rest (including about 1/3 of the breast) was ground raw into "hamburger" for future use. I then boiled all the bones and made some great turkey stock for soup.

More on Dan's first experience with Black Friday later!

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