Thursday, November 29, 2007

Save The Cupcakes

I know I've mentioned my friend Stef's blog about cupcakes before, but she hit a home run this week with some fabulous sounding eggnog latte cupcakes. Anybody got a holiday party to attend? I am thinking of bringing them to a housewarming party on Saturday - they sounded so yummy I want to try them. She also has a brownie recipe she swears is more "cakey" than "fudgey" - and I love my brownies on the cakey side. Hmmm...wonder if I'll have time to make both?

She's also running a "Save the Cupcake" t-shirt contest. Apparently, cupcakes have come under siege in Huntington, NY - which to add insult to injury, is Stef's hometown. So go check out her blog and read about how to save the cupcakes. (And she has some awesome recipes as well as links to other fabulous sites.)

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