Monday, November 12, 2007

Blustery Sort of Day

It is crazy windy here today. I'm sitting at our dining room table and the lawn chairs on our deck just blew by and down the steps. The rain is falling almost horizontal because of the intense wind. According to the paper the gusts are up to 92mph in some areas of western Washington. Around here (Puget Sound) they are 40-50mph. If the winds reach a sustained 50mph they close down the floating bridges because they are unsafe to drive on. That will be a traffic nightmare - highway 52o and Interstate 90 both have floating bridges. A nice day to be inside, and glad to be working from home :)

A nice bright spot is Dan is home! He was at a wedding in Dallas (that I was not invited to) all weekend. I heard all about it through drunken phone calls that lasted up until around midnight Pacific time. Goofball friends of mine - although I did get a kick out of the calls. Half the time I wasn't even sure who I was talking to, then just as I'd figure it out the phone would get passed again.

It sounded like a good time was had by all, although I wish desperately that I had been there. I would loved to have seen everyone again. Missing my great group of friends has been the hardest part of leaving St. Louis.

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CaptainCanuck said...

I received some drunken calls too. Hilarious...

I have certain people on tape on my answering machine. And I almost became 'phone intimate' with one Texan who likes French guys.